Zuckerton Records was founded in the middle of 2011 by Michael Korb, a young guy from a small village in Bavaria.
The label is focused on electronic dance music, whether it is housy, deep or technoid, the main thing is to get people into extasy. In such a huge world of music, it is very important to have the recognition factor and that is, what should be found in all releases of Zuckerton Records.

So feel free to send us your demo, we will listen and try to give feedback to everyone!

The Zuckerton Family

KlangKuenstler (Berlin/Ger)
Wolfgang Lohr (Berlin/Ger)
Bara Bröst (Berlin/Ger)
Rocque & Waslewski (Halle/Ger)
Scheibe (Halle/Ger)
Munich Motion (Munich/Ger)
Arts&Leni (Hamburg/Ger)
Muto (Berlin/Ger)
Matico (Frankfurt/Ger)
Kollektiv Tonmalerei (Allgäu/Ger)
Detlev Düse (Wiesbaden/Ger)
Nico Pusch (Rostock/Ger)
Alexander Sting (Hannover/Ger)
Cubus (Würzburg/Ger)
Thomas Grossmann (Lindau/Ger)
Moritz Guhling (Essen/Ger)
Chris & Dan (Dorsten/Ger)

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